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Date Update
24Mar07 Added a few images to the catfish overview page
02Mar07 Added Betta simorum image and draft description page
19Feb07 More images for the overview pages
18Feb07 Added a few images to the characins overview pages
Jan/feb07 Some search engine optimization items
7-1-2007 Added a breeding tanks page to the general section
5-1-2007 Added a link to the fish and tanks images section on zonnet
4-1-2007 Some more boring stuff (exchangelinks, delete old files, organised some pictures and so on)
Started removing all sites that do not have a link back here, or have robots noindex nofollow commands, and dead links.
Did some cleaning on the files and locations
Added Betta ferox info sheet
Updated cichlids overview page
Updated cichlids overview page
Updated artemia, brine shrimp information sheet
Added a picture of a Snakeskin gourami Trichogaster pectoralis
Added Zebra snail page with pictures
Updated invertebrates page
Added a picture and a description of Betta falx
Added a picture of a Stiphodon atropurpureus female to the species info page
Updated the Catfish overview page with pictures Included common names in the overview
Updated the livebearers overview page with pictures Included common names in the overview
Updated the Killifish overview page with pictures, added lots of new images, still need to complete the pages. Common names not yet available
Updated the determination needed page with some new images.
Badis ruber pictures and new description
Badis corycaeus pictures from S. van der Voort added, started new description of this fish
Stiphodon atropurpureus description and pictures added
Rhinogobius wui added, started new description of this fish
Unknown gobi added, need ID
Unknown gobi picture added, need ID of this fish
New description of Ctenogobius schultzei with pictures
Perca fluviatilis drawing added, started new description of this fish


Added miniature pictures to all of the other aquarium fish section
Revised the killifish overview page Cyprinodontidae, killifish Section
Added: Aphyosemion citrineipinnis picture description will follow Cyprinodontidae, killifish
25-11-2006 Added: Corydoras incolicana to the catfish descriptions Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: Giant catfish to the catfish descriptions Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: Dysichthys coracoideus to the catfish descriptions Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: Pangasius sp picture Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: Otocinclus vittatus Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: L066 Peckoltia sp Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: L30 to the catfish descriptions Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Updated the catfish descriptions overview page Siluroidae catfish
25-11-2006 Added: Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps to the catfish descriptions Siluroidae catfish
24-11-2006 Added a goby, Stiphodon atropurpureus description with info Other fish, Gobies
22-11-2006 Added aquarium products for sale section products
3-12-2005 Birth of my twins, even more amazing(and time consuming!)  
20-7-2004 Still under construction: Http://aquaworld.netfirms.com/catalog All
15-3-2004 Moved Salmons section from lycos because of the annoying ads Salmons
14-3-2004 Pseudotropheus lombardoi Cichlids
13-3-2004 Planaria or flatworms, added a short description and treatment in the disease section Disease
12-3-2004 Pantodon buchholzi, added a 130K pic and a description Other fish
10-3-2004 Etroplus maculatus, added a lousy picture and a info page Cichlids
4-2-2004 Birth of my son, amazing :-)
25-12-2003 Epiplatys grahami Cyprinodontidae, killifish
25-12-2003 Updated the Killifish main page to be the same as all other fish pages. Cyprinodontidae, killifish
25-12-2003 E_fasciolatum_totoaensis_harisel Cyprinodontidae, killifish
22-12-2003 Replaced a bad Colisa labiosa picture with a 50K quality image Labyrinthfish
22-12-2003 Added a Aphysemion cyanostictum image to the species inf page Aphyosemion / Diapteron cyanostictum
22-12-2003 Added a Aplocheilus lineatus image, removed old image. Cyprinodontidae, killifish
21-12-2003 Aphyosemion / Diapteron cyanostictum Cyprinodontidae, killifish
20-12-2003 Aphyosemion cameronense Cyprinodontidae, killifish
19-12-2003 Aphyosemion ogoense pyrophore Ligemque 91/15 Cyprinodontidae, killifish
18-12-2003 Aulonocara sp. Rubin Red, a nice picture and a short description of this breeding form Cichlids
26-11-2003 Parosphromenus paludicola, a picture and a description Parosphromenus paludicola
14-11-2003 Crenicara sp, a picture, very similar to C. filamentosa Cichlids
10-11-2003 Clarias batrachus, a nice picture of an albino fish, and a brief description(warning) Siluroidae
8-11-2003 Peckoltia or Hypancistus sp, L066, picture and a brief description Siluroidae
1-11-2003 Update links, added 2 links Links
1-11-2003 Homepage update index.htm
1-11-2003 Ctenopoma argentoventer, added a description(no pic available) Labyrinthfish
17-10-2003 Poecilocharax weitzmani, a picture and a description of these rare fish Salmons
17-9-2003 Macropodus erythropterus, picture of a bubblenest with fry Labyrinthfish
15-9-2003 Added a Thorichthys meeki picture Cichlids
15-9-2003 Added a link to the labyrinthfish links section Links
15-9-2003 Added picture of a juvenile Betta cf. burdigala "Kubu" to S. van der Voort's article Articles
15-9-2003 Betta imbellis, page update and a picture of a juvenile added Betta imbellis
7-9-2003 Cichlasoma salvini, a description and a not so nice picture added Cichlids
4-9-2003 Glaniopsis multiradiata Some nice images and a little bit of information. Cyprinoidae
31-08-2003 Aphyosemion coeleste, added a picture and a description of this fish Cyprinodontidae
24-08-2003 Parachanna obscura, added a picture of a male in breeding colors Parachanna obscura
24-08-2003 Betta imbellis female picture added Betta imbellis
24-08-2003 Picture of Betta cf. burdigala "Kubu" breeding added Betta burdigala
24-08-2003 Picture of a Betta patoti juvenile added to the Betta patoti page Betta patoti
23-8-2003 Added a Betta dimidiata variant page, only 5 pictures. Labyrinthfish
22-8-2003 Sorubim lima, nice picture and a description added Siluroidae
18-8-2003 Dormitator maculatus, added a picture and a description. Comments needed, several contradictory reports can be found on these fish. Other fish
18-8-2003 Corydoras xinguensis, two pictures, and a description. Siluroidae
18-8-2003 Breeding Corydoras, a summary of what worked for me Siluroidae / articles
18-8-2003 Aphyosemion australe, a picture and a description Cyprinodontidae
16-8-2003 Update links section Links
2-8-2003 Added a crab, sesarma sp, with a nice picture. Invertebrates
1-8-2003 Replaced a Macropodus erythropterus picture. Labyrinthfish
30-7-2003 Danio kyathit, a description, and pictures of this new species. Cyprinoidae
29-7-2003 Updated the old determination page, identified fish have been added to the pages, 2 new pics. Determination
28-7-2003 Corydoras leucomelas, Corydoras brevirostris, Corydoras sterbai Siluroidae
24-07-2003 Added a forum to the site, mostly for seldom kept, rare, or difficult fish. Suggestions welcome, also if you'd like a board added about a certain fish or family. forum
23-07-2003 Protomelas sp. steveni "Taiwan Reef", only a picture added Cichlids
23-07-2003 Cyrtocara moorii, picture and description Cichlids
22-7-2003 Caridina sp crystal red, added a better picture, removed two old pics Invertebrates
22-7-2003 Hygrophila polysperma, a picture and info sheet on this easy plant. Plants
18-7-2003 Added comments to various pages(Barbus lateristriga, Dytiscus marginalis, Crenicichla nothophthalmus) Various
17-7-2003 Plant sheet added: Saururus cernuus Plants
16-7-2003 Started work on the product section N/A
14-7-2003 Nannacara anomala, added a description with two photos Cichlids
13-7-2003 Nannostomus espei, added a picture(courtesy H. Grundmeyer) and a description Salmons
13-7-2003 Added a setup for small fish N/A
13-7-2003 Rineloricaria fallax, added a picture and a description. Also a pic of an albino breeding form Siluroidae
13-7-2003 Epiplatys annulatus, added a nice(bit too large) picture and a description Cyprinodontidae
12-7-2003 Laetacara dorsigera, added a picture of a juvenile fish, with a description Cichlids
10-7-2003 Lamontichthys filamentosus, a picture, and some basic information Siluroidae
10-7-2003 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis, Blue Neon Herring, added a nice picture and a description Cichlids
10-7-2003 Dropsy, a description and a not very recognisable pic Disease
10-7-2003 Uaru amphiacanthoides, a (not sure) picture of a juvenile, and a description Cichlids
9-7-2003 Pterophyllum altum, added a 80k image to the page Cichlids
8-7-2003 Ctenogobius schultzei Pics, info wanted! Other
8-7-2003 Aspidoras pauciradiatus, added a picture and a description Siluroidae
7-7-2003 Replaced Betta patoti male picture, added a female picture Labyrinthfish
7-7-2003 Added two Betta tussyae pictures Labyrinthfish
7-7-2003 Added two nice Malpulutta kretseri photo's Malpulutta kretseri
7-7-2003 Polypterus ornatipinnis, a picture of a bichir, and a description Other
7-7-2003 Added two bad cyclops pictures Food
6-7-2003 Pangio or Acanthophthalmus sp page added Cyprinoidae
6-7-2003 Botia histrionica, added a almost empty sheet, with a nice 128 k picture Cyprinoidae
5-7-2003 Bedotia geayi, replaced the pictures with 2 really nice pictures Other
5-7-2003 Baryancistrus sp, Mango or Magnum Pleco; L47, added a picture and a bit of info Siluroidae
5-7-2003 Symphysodon discus, Heckel, 1840. Added a picture of the "real discus" in the image section. Imagesection
4-7-2003 Hemigrammopetersius caudalis, added a picture of the yellow congo tetra, and a description. Salmons
3-7-2003 Danio choprae, added three new pictures of the glowlight tetra Cyprinoidae
2-7-2003 Farlowella acus, added a picture of eggs of these fish Siluroidae
2-7-2003 Altolamprologus compressiceps, added a picture to the description Cichlids
2-7-2003 Corydoras barbatus, replaced picture Siluroidae
2-7-2003 Rasbora pauciperforata, 3 nice pictures and a description Cyprinoidae
2-7-2003 Added a link to the Uniquaria website Links
2-7-2003 Lamprologus ocellatus, replaced a picture Cichlids
1-7-2003 Neolamprologus cylindricus, added a description and a photo Cichlids
23-6-2003 Microctenopoma ansorgii, added a decent picture Labyrinthfish
23-6-2003 Nimbochromis venustus Added a picture from the determination page Cichlids
23-06-2003 Added a comment to the ants section Food
19-6-2003 Added a table of C- numbers in Corydoras, with the current(?) status Siluroidae
18-6-2003 Cryptocoryne wendtii, added a picture. Plants
18-6-2003 Cryptocoryne nevillii, picture and info sheet. Plants
13-6-2003 Betta foerschi Mandor, added 2 pictures of a mouth breeding male. Labyrinthfish
13-6-2003 Macropodus concolor, added three pictures. Official name is now Macropodus spechti Labyrinthfish
13-6-2003 Scobiancistus aureatus, L104, a picture, and a little bit of information Siluroidae
13-6-2003 Pangio kuhlii sumatranus, coolie loach, added a description with 2 images Cyprinoidae
12-6-2003 Aphyocharax rathbuni, photo and description. Salmons
11-6-2003 Hyphessobrycon amandae, description and pictures(not the best ones) Salmons
10-6-2003 Megalamphodus roseus, description and 5 photos Salmons
9-6-2003 Added a 110k CAE, Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus picture. Cyprinoidae
7-6-2003 Monocirrhus polyacanthus, semi- special with images. Other
5-6-2003 Rasbora dorsiocellata dorsiocellata, description, and images. Cyprinoidae
4-6-2003 Melanotaenia fluviatilis, description, and images. Other
4-6-2003 Hoplosternum thoracatum, description, and an image. Siluroidae
4-6-2003 Crossocheilus siamensis page with (doubtful, will update them asap) pictures added. Cyprinoidae
3-6-2003 Betta patoti page and picture added. Labyrinthfish
1-6-2003 Gnathonemus petersii page and picture added. Other
1-6-2003 Crenicara punctulata page and 2 pictures added. Cichlids
1-6-2003 Aphyosemion gardneri page and pic added. Cyprinodontidae
31-5-2003 Update US books section, navigation images load properly now. AquaWorld Books
As of now I am an official fishbase contributor  
Checked for Layout, look and other things for a week -
Advertising page update Advertise
Added a few books to the book section AquaWorld Books
2-4-2003 Commercial links, added a link and minor redesign Links
31-3-2003 Changed the Interesting link on the homepage. Homepage
28-3-2003 Acanthophthalmus pangia Added a picture. Cyprinoidae
27-3-2003 Pelvicachromis pulcher Changed a picture. Cichlids
27-3-2003 Pelvicachromis subocellatus(350k) Picture added to the imagesection. Imagesection
27-3-2003 Pelvicachromis subocellatus description, and a Nice picture. Cichlids
27-3-2003 Nimbochromis venustus description, and a picture. Cichlids
27-3-2003 Added an example page on how to use AquaWorld pictures on your own site.. Site policies
27-3-2003 Dimidiochromis compressiceps description, and a picture. Cichlids
27-3-2003 Openened a Cafepress Shop, where you can buy some products http://www.cafeshops.com
26-3-2003 Synodontis alberti, description, and an image. Siluroidae
26-3-2003 Pterophyllum altum description, and an image of true Altum angels Cichlids
26-3-2003 Ctenopoma acutirostre description, and some nice pictures Labyrinthfish
26-3-2003 Epiplatys dageti monroviae, description, two pictures. Cyprinodontidae
25-3-2003 Corydoras trilineatus, description, and some nice pictures. Siluroidae
24-3-2003 Links-Labyrinthfish, corrected an error and added a link. Links
24-3-2003 Phractocephalus hemiliopterus, added a picture. Siluroidae
24-3-2003 Argulus foliaceus. A description and a picture of the common fish louse. Diseases
24-3-2003 Corydoras arcuatus picture update. Added common names, Skunk Corydoras or Arched Corydoras. Corydoras arcuatus
24-3-2003 Newsletter update: Yahoogroup will no longer be used for the newsletter. An automated version of the newsletter will be available for subscription soon. The Yahoogroup will remain available for fish questions and comments. Aquaworld Newsgroup
24-3-2003 Site History Page Information
24-3-2003 Jordanella floridae, American Flag fish. Picture and description. Cyprinodontidae




01-01-2002: Started construction
17-01-2002: Added Labyrinthfish section
19-01-2002: Start salmon section, added Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus.
22-01-2002: Update Labyrinthfish
24-01-2002: Update Labyrinthfish and salmon section.
26-01-2002: Start Cichlid section.
30-01-2002: Cichlid section opened, 5 descriptions
03-02-2002: Added Nedstat, Opened Other section.
06-02-2002: Opened general section.
11-02-2002: Added 6 new descriptions.
13-02-2002: Update several pages, added plants section.
24-02-2002: Large update labyrinthfish-section.
26-02-2002: Report seachengines
28-02-2002: Update, added a few descriptions.
03-03-2002: Update, added 6 new fish descriptions.
04-03-2002: Opened plant section, added descriptions
05-03-2002: Added 5 new fish descriptions.
11-03-2002: Updated 47 files.
!!Compuserve was down for a week, no updates possible!!
21-03-2002: Updated 26 files
26-03-2002: Updated homepage, added common names, administrative html work.
27-03/7-04-2002: Constructing book section.

12-04-2002 Added 5 descriptions
16-04-2002: Opened a guestbook.
17-04-2002: Update guestbook
18-04-2002: Update fish descriptions, 2 new(Aplocheilus lineatus)
20-04-2002: Update homepage
21-04-2002: Update pictures
22-04-2002: Update books, NL section open.
23-04-2002: Update, increase site loading speed, as fast as Compuserve allows it
23-04-2002: Added alt descriptions for most fish pictures.
27-04-2002: Uploaded article IGL meeting.

28-04-2002: Added classifieds section.
01-05-2002: Reduced banner size 11k, uploaded 250 files, including some new descriptions and pictures.
04-05-2002: Update Betta edithae, Pseudosphromenus dayi, betta sp albimarginata pampang, added ctenopoma nanum picture.
05-05-2002: Update Dutch book section.
06-05-2002: Moved the book site to netfirms.com, since compuserve was extremely slow
07-05-2002/12-05-2002: Moved entire site to netfirms. Site is now mostly available, speed has increased 300%. Some items still remain on Compuserve, apologies for the speed with which they load, if they load at all.
12-05-2002: Update; Synodontis petricola, Barbus lateristriga, Ancistrus dolichopterus, and Epalzeorhynchus frenatus. Added picture Epalzeorhynchus bicolor
13 to 18-5-2002: Updated many pictures, reported this site address to google, added new pics section and new labyrinthfish pics section.
19-05-2002: Added Boehlkea fredcochui, Apistogramma nijsseni, Crenicichla sp Xingu, Notobranchius rachovii, Updated common names, added invertebrates section(just some pictures), added Barbus ticto picture, updated Barbus oligolepis(2 new pictures, removed 3 bad pictures).
21-05-2002: Added Parasphaerichthys ocellatus, and various new pictures.
22-05-2002: First newsletter has been issued, added Rasbora axelrodi to the list of fish descriptions
22-05-2002: Publish alpha version of the mailing list, replies are possible by members, full size pictures can be found at the group(members only), pictures can be submitted there as well, chat is available for members, and some undetermined fish with which I need help to clarify the proper name are available as well

Other new changes can be found at yahoogroups, pls join the mailing list(alpha version, you can also comment on descriptions, pictures, etc.). A description is given here on how to join.List no longer existent, updated 1-1-2007

Newsletter March 2003

Disease section updates:

Non-disease : Picture of a belly-slider has been added.
Dytiscus marginalis: Three pictures of the adults of the predacious diving beetle have been added, including a minor update of the page.

Picture updates(Image section versions have the size added):
Betta tussyae. Betta coccina male and female, large 80k in the image section. Betta albimarginata fry picture. Helostoma temmincki, added a picture of the wild form. Belontia signata, two new pictures. Replaced old one.
Trichogaster trichopterus(Three spot gourami), replaced 7k picture with a nice 50 k picture.
Trichogaster leerii, pearl gourami, replaced two pictures with better images.
Pseudosphromenus cupanus, added thre pictures of a nicely colored male.
Xenotoca eiseni, added a nice picture to the page.

Trigonostigma heteromorpha 130k
Brochis splendens, Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps (500k), Synodontis sp(500k), Corydoras similis
Dormitator maculatus(357k). Chaenobryttus gulosus, replaced previous picture with a better 70 k pic.
Replaced Chanda lala picture with a sharp 50 k picture of a fully colored male.

Aphyosemion striatum, Nothobranchius rachovi, Cape Lopez breeding form(gold)
Pterophyllum scalare gold(500k), Lamprologus signatus(300k), Convict with fry(350k)

Plants section:

Blue green algae: Picture, description and possible remedies have been added.

Species information sheets:

Pseudotropheus zebra: A large picture and a description have been added.
Julidochromis marlieri: Picture and short description added.

Chaetostoma sp L128: A picture and a description have been added.
Chaetostoma sp L187(?): A picture has been added, no information available.
Gold nugget: a picture of a fish sold as gold nugget has been added, need info!
Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps: Nice pictures and a description have been added.
Dianema longibarbis: Nice picture and a description have been added.
Corydoras delphax: Nice picture and a description have been added.
Ancistrus temminckii: Nice picture and a description have been added.

Aphyocharax anisitsi: Description with two pictures.
Arnoldichthys spilopterus: Description with a nice picture.
Distichodus affinis: Description with a nice 90 k picture.
Distichodus sexfasciatus: Description with a nice picture.
Copella arnoldi: Description with a 3 pictures added.
Megalamphodus roseus: Description with a 5 pictures added. Not 100% sure about the determination.

Chela dadyburjori: Some low quality pictures and a description have been added.
Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus: A picture and a short description have been added.
Crossocheilus siamenis Bad pictures, and a description.
Danio choprae: Bad pictures, and a description.
Gastromyzon punctulatus and other species: Bad pictures, and a description of gastromyzon punctulatus. Pictures of other species have been added to the page.
Trigonostigma heteromorpha: A description with two nice pictures has been added.

Popondetta furcata: A description with a reasonable picture of this rare fish has been added.
Erpetoichthys calabaricus: A description with a reasonable picture of this rare fish has been added.

Betta tussyae. A description with a very nice picture has been added.

Aphyosemion striatum: Added a description with a nice picture.
Melanoides tuberculata(Livebearer snail, Malayan -). A description with some pictures has been added.

Food: A description of ants as a live food source has been added.

Books: The US books section has been updated, so if you're interested in buying some aquariumbooks, please visit this section first, and help keep the site up!

News: A new affiliate program has been added to the site, and the WWF has received a free banner on the homepage.

By popular demand(the vote box at the index page) the project which I'm working on has changed to pictures. Other pages will still be updated ofcourse, but the focus has shifted to pictures.



Subject: Newsletter 22-2-2002

The following new descriptions have been added:
Rasbora axelrodi, 6 pictures, I' could only find the fish in B&R part 2, no
other source available.
Parasphaerichthys ocellatus, reasonable pictures, need some more information
on the fish but sofar I havent been able to come up with anything else than
what's currently available on the page.

Hot news: A new fishclopedia is available in several languages, from Bede
verlag, with over 8000 fish descriptions

This months featured link
Pictures can be submitted here, but also used for a website, as long as they
are correctly referenced.

Did you know that: The Cardinal tetra, Paracheirodon axelrodi, is protected
in Brazil in the mating season, from May to July, in which period the fish
cannot be caught and exported.



If you have any comments please mail to aquaworld

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